Etienne Constantinesco

Writer – Director


Born in 1981, Etienne Constantinesco grew up in the north-eastern town of Strasbourg, France. He quit school in his teens and worked small jobs that left him with enough time to pursue his passions for painting, illustration and graffiti. This last activity led him to discover video, and to return to school in order to train as Assistant Director. In 2005, he directed his first short film and founded a production company, Terrain Vague, with one of his classmates. With this company, he produced and directed his first feature film, “Coline (friends of my friends’)“. The movie obtained a wide critical success. In 2011, he decided to focus his career exclusively on his work as a Director and closed Terrain Vague. In 2013, he directed another short film, “The Trap”. It explores the themes and atmosphere that will characterize his next feature film, “Les Foulards Noirs“, which is currently under development. He has also directed numerous music videos and ads for brands such as Pepsi, Vuarnet, Amnesty International and Clairefontaine.

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